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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

I don't know exactly why I downloaded this book when I did -because I didn't know the author and honestly the cover it's not that special for me- and after a few months in my almost-endless tbr list I finally opened it.

I had never read Colleen Hoover before and I'm so happy I started with this one. I loved it!!! I cried like a baby, fell in love with Ridge, cried again and then cried but it was a happy cry.

The story is about a girl who likes music and "is studying it" but this fact is just mentioned and not very deeply...so, she likes music and has a neighbor who plays the guitar (and is a songwriter with a block, is part of a band where his brother is the singer) on the balcony every night, she likes his sound so every night she goes to her balcony to listen.
Eventually he notices her boyfriend and her roomate/friend are cheating on her, he tells her and that's where the story begins.

Since he plays the guitar and she likes music, she helps him write some lyrics. And this is one of the things that I loved the most about the book: these two characters are interacting in the book, creating a story and slowly the song takes form. When the lyrics is done, it appears on the book and you can actually hear it! This book has its own soundtrack. The one I loved the most is Maybe Someday. I've been listening it over and over again (seriously I have it on repeat one on my car). I just loved how this song was "created" by this 2 people and every time I hear it I still think about them and about what every line meant for them.
Eventually they start to fall in love with each other BUT Ridge has a girlfriend and he's faithful to her and loves her BUT loves Sydney...it's worth the reading to know how this love story goes.

About the characters: Ridge has a handicap which only made me loved him more; and even more towards the end. Sydney, sometimes I wanted so bad to hug her because her (short) life (she's only 22) has been so difficult in the last months and sometimes I wanted to throw her out the balcony of the highest apartment in the building. And then there's Maggie...Ridge's girlfriend. I liked her. She's so strong and so determined to live her life the way she wants it. Don't get me wrong. She's not a wh****, she just knows what she wants to be happy and she tries her best to achieve it.
And then there's Warren, Ridge's friend and roomate. I loved this guy. He's the kind of friend that everyone should have.

So, hands down on this one. I loved it. Read it in two nights and I'm definitely looking forward to read more Colleen Hoover's books.

Oh, almost forgot to mention. There's Maggie's epilogue on the soundtrack page ;)

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