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For the fight (Beyond Blood #2) by Nora Flite

** Got and ARC and this is an honest review **

I have a love-love-love/hate relationship with this book. Loved the story but I hated that it was TOO SHORT! (It felt like that) Out of the blue I was already on the last page...so, yeah, I can say I enjoyed it very very much :)

This book starts where we left in the previous one. And we get to know a little more about the two freakin' awesome built characters of Kite and Jacob. I wish I knew more of their childhood. This Blood Brothers thing is very important to them and I'm dying to know the whole story.
Marina is also an awesome built character and although she's this very strong, focus-on-revenge woman I love how these guys affect her.
They are kind of helping Marina find her guy and get revenge. But they also are trying to get her and as the blood brothers they are that means sharing her (yes, I got jealous at this point).

Like For the thrill, this is a very well written romantic suspense. The sexual tension is arggggggg amazing. 

I looooove this plot. Clap, clap, clap *hands down* Nora.

Will she get revenge? Will they keep her? Will they let her live?  Can't wait for book 3!!!

PS: I'm not really into teams but in this case I'll make an exception. I go for #teamKite... and sometimes I go for #teamJacob haha can't help it. But #teamKite won for me in this book. Let's see if book 3 reveals more of Jacob's story and I might change teams ;)

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