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Siri's Heart by Jessika Klide

**ARC provided by the author for an honest review!**
Ok. I'll try to be objective although some subjectiveness will be involved in the review process.

I gave this book 4 of 5 stars. In my rating process that means I liked it a lot but didn't get to the I-loooooove-it level.

Siri is an erotic dancer working in Vegas but has to go back to her hometown when her mother has a little accident. Moore is a golden god, the bastard son of Thor...and also a flyboy who happens to be in Siri's hometown too.
So basically Siri meets the man of her dreams and Moore gets the girl he's wanted for a while.

I loved the conection and the chemistry between them. The intense attraction is so well written that it's believable. I've read quite a bunch of love at first sight and most of them feel forced and faked, this is not the case. This added some good points on my rating.

Lets talk about Moore. What can I say about him? He's just golden god that I fell for him pretty quick. He's this mysterious man, whom we don't get to know that well on this book but what we do get to see is just awesome. He's a teaser and knows how to use that holy body he has. The hot sex scenes will make you see fireworks.

Now's the trick. The books's her POV. And she's all over the place. She has multiple personalities...herself, Seary and Surreal. She's so extroverted. She's sexy, and a good girl who finds the man she's been waiting all her life. I loved her most of the time. I liked -well, loved- her working as an erotic entertainer at the cock-tail party.
On the other hand,! It took me a while to get my head in this book because of her. In real life when people talk that much to me I just shut my ears off. I can't stand people that talkative. But I just couldn't do that with Siri, I couldn't just ignore reading her, that would mean skipping a lot of pages. But, this talkativeness also helped me get into the book. Weird, right? Something I don't like made me like the book. I mean, she said so many things on that cock-tail party that it was very easy to create an image of what I was reading.
So, yes, I have a love/hate relationship with Siri but Moore saved the day.

One of my favorites scenes: the cookie eating contest. That was hot at hell. And of course, THE party.

My final thought: I want to read book 2 just to get to know Moore more and discover his secrets.

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