miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Someone Like You by Amy Smolcic

** Got to beta read this book and this is an honest review **

I loved it! Loved the characters, Chloe and Jaeger and I also loved Jaeger's friend Ezra.
From Chloe I loved her personality. The way she talks, seems so secure of herself -most of the times- and even when she's struggling, she has this moment clarity that makes me like her. Jaeger is a babe. It's hard not to love him from the beginning.

I really loved the story being told by Chloe and Jaeger, I enjoy POV’s. 
It's difficult to review without giving spoilers out but I have to say that when they had to spend time apart, I loved the way they communicate. Those hand written letters made the separation be less difficult. And the things they said in them ...loved it!

I just loved this two. It's a nice plot.

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