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Breathless for Him (Davison & Allegra #1) by Sofia Tate

Then he moves in closer to me. His lush mouth opens to say something, his thumb still moving again and again over my hand.
 "Do you think I could make you come just by doing this?"
 "What?" I manage barely above a whisper.
 "Answer the question," he commands huskily.

From that line on I was his. Seriously. And those lines are on chapter one.

This book is about Allegra a opera singer/student who works at the coat-check room of a fancy restaurant called Le Bistro and Davison, a gazillionaire that I don't really care where he makes his money on.

Davison's an alpha, son of a very cold as ice man and very nice woman. Allegra is the daughter of a butcher, her mother died when she was five and doesn't talk about that.

They have their ups and downs but the chemistry between them is amazing, and I'm not talking just about the sex. They don't jump into bed in the first chapter, Davison courts her for a few days and it's kind of cute.

Allegra has a dark past, not because she did something or wanted to have a past, she tries to keep it hidden but is haunting her. Parts of her story are told between the pages...and then the past catches the present. That was a little heartbreaking.
Was was heartbreaking and more was the scene of Allegra talking to her mom's grave. I spilled some tears with that part. Loved it! Loved every word of that scene.

I believe the story is wrapped up and I think this could be a single novella...but when I got to the end of the book I found out there's book 2. Not that I'm complaining =) I'd love to see more of Davison and Allegra.
There was a chapter of book 2 but I didn't read it. But I saw that, at least chapter 1, is like a double POV! I love POV's so that made me really happy.

I loved the plot, I loved how it's written, I loved the opera being part of a novella (when music is involved in a book they tend to use country or rock or a more common genre) and I loved the sex. This is a must read.

I can't wait to read book 2 (I received and ARC!!).

The only thing I didn't like and almost hated was the beginning of the synopsis: For fans of New York Times bestselling authors Samantha Young, Sylvia Day, and E. L. James...
Please, please don't start with phrases like this. I hate comparisons.
Just let the story and the characters do their job.

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