lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Rating system

Just to claryfy, here's my rating system:

I try to write reviews that draw upon my particular opinion and a semi-professional viewpoint. I mean, my reviews are according to my personal preference and my ratings (stars in goodreads and amazon) are based more on things like grammar, writing fluency and clarity, character complexity, narrative structure,  etc.

My reviews are honest and entirely my opinion. When I decide to read a book is because one of this:

  • I have read previous books from the author and I've loved them. If this is the case then that book will be top priority to read.
  • I saw the cover and liked it a lot and then read the synopsis and liked it too.
  • I've read in twitter or goodreads nice opinions about the book.
If I'm requesting an ARC then the first two reasons apply too. And if the ARC is given to me without requesting it, well, those two first points apply too.

I believe in supporting financially authors who had given me a very wonderful time while reading them. A couple of times a year I buy paperback versions of the ebooks I've loved the most (the ones with 5 stars).

I LOVED the book. I would buy this book, re-read this book more than once and then again, stalk all my friends and make everyone I know read it. 

I really liked this book but there was something missing. It may had a few flaws, but that       didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Not so sure about buying it. 

There's a fine line between liking and hating a book and this one is right there. It could be a hit or miss for others. Not even consider recommend it.

It was “meh.” This book was not for me. It's nothing special.

I HATED this book. Bad story, bad writing, bad everything. I regret reading it. I'm surprised it was publised. 

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