viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


I started reading Ugly love two days ago. The first night I read 43% and I knew in my heart Miles was going to make me cry hard. I just knew. And I knew something really bad happened to him. I never thought THAT was what happened to him.

This time I just can't do the review without spoilers, it's too hard. I ended up really upset last night. So I'm just going to say I loved every page of this book.
Last night was one of the most emotional nights I've ever had. I hadn't cried like that since August 2014 and I'm not a weeper. I cry when I'm angry not when I'm sad. But last night I cried because Miles was sad and that made me sad and that made me cry.

I'm still pretty sensitive and it's been 12 hours since I finished this book.

Tears were just falling
last night. I couldn't stopped them. And they were really big tears.

It's a must read.

P.S.: after reading books like this and crying like that I always feel like I really need to see a shrink...and send the bill to the authors that traumatize me.

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Review: Maybe Not (Maybe #1.5) by Colleen Hoover

Awww this is a cute, hot and funny little book about Warren and Bridgette.

We met this characters in Maybe someday (I'm still obsessed with that song), they had lots of scenes there but their story was never deeply touched. We just read about them sleeping together, Warren being over the moon with Bridgette and Bridgette being a bitchy girlfriend not girlfriend that drives Warren crazy in more than one way.

In this book we get to know how Bridgette became Warren and Ridge's roomate. A couple of Maybe someday scenes are replayed here but with Warren's POV. And we finally get to understand Warren's addiction/obsession with porn.

What happens between Warren and Bridgette is attraction at first sight that evolves to a weird but funcionable love-hate-not-really-hate relationship.

Btw, I love Colleen's male minds and dialogs. They're awesomely written! Warren is just hilarious and sexy and sweet at the same time.

Since it's really small (just 129 kindle pages) and I already knew the characters AND Colleen makes it easy and fun to read, it took me one Saturday afternoon to read it (including break for lunch, a little nap, a little driving and another break to make coffee). It can be read in a few hours.

The best thing of all? Maybe Not was a surprise, a nice gift Colleen gave her readers. Thank you very much for that!

martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Review: Belonging (Regent Vampire Lords #2) by K.L. Kreig

** Got an ARC from the author and this is an honest review  **

Surrendering set my expectations really high for this story....and Belonging absolutely fulfilled them.

The story is a continuation of the previous book. That means Dev and Kate are away for a few weeks and Damian is helping him with his regent. Plus Xavier's still in the loose and everyone is thinking really hard for a way of capturing him and stop his madness. And they're also trying to find Xavier's children before he does.

In this book we get to know more of Damian, another of the Lords, an alpha male vampire with a little bit of kink on him (I wish there'd been more, though). Do I have to say more? I'm already in love with him.

We also get to know Analise, a woman that's had a pretty rough life and that is looking for her missing friend, Beth. She heard that Dev might help her find Beth so this woman decides to try and get Dev to help her. So, she starts working on Dragonfly and she meets Damian. And the rest is what's told in the book so you have to read it ;)

Like the previous book, this one has drama, trust,  love, really hot steaming sex, vampires, more witches, more dreamwalkers, suspense, surprises,  good vrs. evil vamps...a mix that can only make you enjoy it.
It also has a nice plot with another set of main characters.

Actually, I think I liked Damian more than Dev and that's huge since I really, really, really loved Dev.

P.D.: what happend to Giselle while kept prisioner at the end of book 1? I missed her bitchiness in Belonging, she's not her real self. I didn't like to see her so out of her normal, so vulnerable. Poor thing. She's not a saint but I don't like what she's going through.

lunes, 26 de enero de 2015

Reading plans for Jan 26 - Feb 1

Mmmm Goodreads says I'm behind schedule with my reading challenge =( So I dediced I needed to read a little bit faster and the easiest way to do that is read in Spanish, my native language.
It seems like I read more books in English than Spanish and it might be true and it's because there are sooooooooooo many good stories in English that when traslated to Spanish lose a little something so I read them in English. There are sooooooooooo many good stories in Spanish too but they happen to be more expensive so talking in ca$h I prefer books in English.
And yes, that means I'm one of those rare creatures that still buys books. But that's another story...

For this week I've chosen a few books, some in Spanish and some in English.

1. En tus brazos (En tus brazos #1) - Noé Casado  
Nicole lleva una vida que desean muchas mujeres de su edad: tiene una familia perfecta, un novio ideal y una carrera exitosa como abogada. Suele caer bien a la gente y nunca se desvía del camino correcto.
Pero tras ese mundo modélico se esconde la verdadera Nicole: una mujer infeliz que anhela por encima de todas las cosas una noche de pasión y desenfreno que la haga temblar de placer…
 Update 27 jan: read.

2. Abrázame (En tus brazos #2) - Noé Casado
Nicole es la mujer perfecta: educada, sofisticada, trabajadora… ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Pues un novio muy sexy, aunque sea imperfecto, gruñón y tenga poca paciencia. Por fin puede disfrutar de una relación de pareja en la que no tiene cabida la planificación, la rutina y mucho menos el aburrimiento aunque no todo va a ser de color rosa. Ahora le toca convivir con un hombre que la vuelve loca pero que tiene una peculiar forma de ser. ¿Por qué cuando parece que todo empieza a encajar tiene que aparecer alguien dispuesto a fastidiar? 
Yes, those two are part of the same series. I decided to read them since there seems to be just 2 books in the series and both books are already published and both are in Spanish =)
Update 27 jan: reading
Update 28 jan: read

3. Ugly love - Coolleen Hoover
I just love how this woman writes plus this book being turned into a movie and Nick Bateman playing Miles...well that's pretty much it. I don't need more reasons to begin reading this book.
When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.
Never ask about the past.Don’t expect a future.
They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.
Hearts get infiltrated.Promises get broken.Rules get shattered.Love gets ugly.
Update 28 jan: reading
Update 30 jan: read

4. I'm not sure yet. Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska. Something by John Green for sure but I haven't decided it yet.
Update 28 jan: chance of plans. I'll be reading Meet me in Sillicon Valley
Update Feb 1: read

martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Reseña: Y ríndete (La chica de servicio, #3) - Patricia Geller

Esta trilogía me parece que nació en wattpad, yo encontré los primeros dos libros de pura casualidad a mediados del 2013 (era  publicación independiente). Al terminar de leer el segundo libro me quedé en un enoooorme cliffhanger, el tercer libro no había salido y no había fecha clara de publicación. Por suerte, el año pasado una editorial se hizo cargo de publicar estos libros...El resultado de eso fue una re-estructuración de la historia, unos cuantos cambios en la historia (la hermana pasó a ser la amiga, se define mejor la ubicación de la historia y otros cambios menores).
Para los que ya habíamos leído los dos primeros libros fue buen ejercicio el leer esta publicación con la editorial; aunque, en mi caso, por momentos sí me puse a comparar la "nueva" versión con la anterior.
Como mencioné en otro post, odio las esperas. Sin embargo, como el año pasado volvió a salir el libro y ya se vislumbraban los cambios menores, volví a leer y la espera se recalculó y ya no fue tan grande. Punto para la autora y editorial! Además, entre libro y libro salieron unos libros digitales, con pocos capítulos, "relatos" por llamarlos de alguna manera, que hicieron que la espera entre libro y libro fuera incluso más corta.

La semana pasada publiqué la reseña del relato que va entre Poséeme y Y ríndete llamado Quédate y en resumen fue bastante dramático y emocional. Quedé muy enojada con Gisele al terminar de leer ese librito. Y, como leí Quédate un día antes del lanzamiento de Y ríndete, todavía estaba muy enojada cuando empece a leer este último.

Y ríndete está lleno de drama (del que hace enojar o llorar) y romance en igual medida. Es una historia lineal así que empieza con los eventos posteriores a todo lo que pasó en Poséeme y Quédate. Gisele al fin recapacita y regresa pero encuentra a un Matt frío (lo amé por eso, merecido se lo tenía Gisele), nada parecido al esposo que abandonó meses atrás. Y, por supuesto, el camino para recuperar a Matt no es nada fácil (ella se lo buscó).
Es comprensible que Matt tenga miedo de que Gisele lo vuelva a lastimar, que por las actitudes de ambos ese sentimiento se confunde con una pérdida de confianza. Este libro es eso, encontramos a Matt y a Gisele más maduros (aunque a Gisele por ratitos la sentí más inmadura que antes de casarse), el intento de dejar a un lado el orgullo de cada uno, los miedos de cada uno y arreglar un matrimonio que ambos quieren (a su manera). Todo eso aunado a un Matt que reconoce su enfermedad y que por fin se ha decido a hacer algo para controlarla.
Valió la pena la espera y la leída de la "nueva" versión. Me gustó cómo quedaron estos dos.

1. ¿Para qué mencionar tanto las sospechas de que entre Scott y Roxanne pasó algo si al final no se aclara? Mal ahí, por este detalle se perdió medía estrella de mi calificación (todos los libros parten con 5 estrellas, este tendría 4.5 por este detalle).
2. La parte de Sam y lo que sigue la sentí innecesaria. Quiero decir, ya habíamos superado el drama, estábamos encontrando la tranquilidad, cerrando la historia, y de repente pufff más drama ¿por? Honestamente, hasta me aburrí un poquito. Si fuera editora habría sugerido quitar esa parte, no agrega gran cosa a la historia. Obviamente esto muy mi opinión. Pero ahí es donde desapareció la otra mitad de la estrella dejando la calificación total en 4/5.

P.D.: la verdad es que soy rencorosa. Todavía no le perdono a Gisele que haya abandonado a Matt cuando lo abandonó.

domingo, 18 de enero de 2015

Book haul for jan 19 - jan 25

Well, organizing my reads seemed like a good idea. Last week I read what I said I was going to read and I really need that control for my reading...I'm a book addict and putting books in my TBR pile seems like an adiction too, one that I don't like. Other adiction I've recently found is ordering my TBR list, adding each book a number so I can read them in that order but actually I never do. I'm trying and this week went fine so I'll continue doing it.

Time to do another book haul =)

Books for the week are:

1. Belonging (Regent Vampire Lords #2)

“I don’t trust anyone.”
Leaving her job and only home, sassy, independent Analise is determined to do whatever it takes to convince the Vampire Lord to help locate her missing friend. What was not part of the plan, however, was her most unwelcome attraction to the irresistibly desirable, arrogant and dominating playboy.
“Well, I’ll just have to remedy that now, won’t I?”With a rogue vampire still on the loose, Damian, Regent Vampire Lord of the East, has his hands full trying to keep the fallout to a minimum. The last complication he needs is for his fiery Moira, his Fated, to finally walk into his life at a time when everything is in utter chaos, putting her directly into the crosshairs of a centuries old war. But now that he has her, he’ll be damned if he’ll let her go.
He had the power to destroy her permanently.Analise is equally drawn to and infuriated by the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. And how can she bear Damian’s touch, when the touch of anyone before him repulsed her? With the inability to let others in, she simply needs to stick to the plan, use Damian to locate her friend and return home, heart unscathed.
But even the best-laid plans can go awry.
Update Jan 22: read

2. The Tutor: A Novel
Got this in the First to read program.
A bold and captivating novel about love, passion, and ambition that imagines the muse of William Shakespeare and the tumultuous year they spend together.  
The year is 1590, and Queen Elizabeth’s Spanish Armada victory has done nothing to quell her brutal persecution of the English Catholics. Katharine de L’Isle is living at Lufanwal Hall, the manor of her uncle, Sir Edward. Taught by her cherished uncle to read when a child, Katharine is now a thirty-one-year-old widow. She has resigned herself to a life of reading and keeping company with her cousins and their children. But all that changes when the family’s priest, who had been performing Catholic services in secret, is found murdered. Faced with threats of imprisonment and death, Sir Edward is forced to flee the country, leaving Katharine adrift in a household rife with turmoil.
At this time of unrest, a new schoolmaster arrives from Stratford, a man named William Shakespeare. Coarse, quick-witted, and brazenly flirtatious, Shakespeare swiftly disrupts what fragile peace there is left at Lufanwal. Katharine is at first appalled by the boldness of this new tutor, but when she learns he is a poet, and one of talent, things between them begin to shift, and soon Katharine finds herself drawn into Shakespeare’s verse, and his life, in ways that will change her forever.
Inventive and absorbing, The Tutor is a masterful work of historical fiction, casting Shakespeare in a light we’ve never seen.  
Update Jan 20: reading

3. Maybe Not (Maybe #1.5)
obsessed with the Maybe Someday song.
Update Jan 24: read 

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Reseña: Quédate (Patricia Geller)

Este libro salió a la venta el 4 de diciembre pero decidí no leerlo en ese momento y mejor esperar a la víspera de la publicación de Y ríndete para leerlo.
La fecha de publicación de Y ríndete fue el 15 de enero, así que Quédate lo leí el 14.

Es un libro pequeño, solo 7 capítulos y es un relato del protagonista masculino: Matt Campbell, mi Mattito tan lindo.

Matt ya asumió su enfermedad y ha decidido hacer el tratamiento. Como con cualquier enfermedad, hay altas y bajas, más bajas que altas al principio del tratamiento. Y es en ese momento que, como dicen en inglés, shit hit the fan.

Matt y Gisele han tenido una relación corta, apasionada y tormentosa casi en igual medida. Los dos son jóvenes, Matt quiere hijos, Gisele todavía no, Matt trata de proteger a Gisele de su enfermedad con verdades a medias, verdades no dichas y mentiras dichas. Todo eso unido a los ataques de Matt son los ingredientes necesarios para hacer que los nervios de Gisele se alteren, se asuste y abandone a mi Matt.


Uff tenía que desahogarme.

Cuando un autor logra que sus escritos me hagan sentir tanto por personas que no son reales, logra que me duela su dolor, que me alegren sus alegrías y que me entristezcan sus tristezas, logra que me den ganas de gritarle a los personajes del libro o de besarlos, consolarlos o abrazarlos horas y horas, es entonces cuando doy 5 estrellas. Es un libro que recomiendo, un libro en el que sí vale la pena invertir, un libro que volveré a leer en unos meses y en unos años otra vez.
Por suerte decidí no leer este libro en diciembre. De lo contrario hubiese pasado un mes entero odiando a Gisele. Espero dejar de odiarla al leer Y ríndete (al momento de escribir esta reseña ya leí el 30% y la sigo odiando...).

Review: Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords #1) by K.L. Kreig

** Got an ARC from the author and this is an honest review  **

Paranormal and fantasy are not in my top 5 of favorite genres. So I was a little insecure about this book. 
I got an ARC from the author and since the synopsis caught my attention I decided I was going to give it a try. And I'm so glad I did!

In this book you find a very sexy vampire named Devon (Dev) who happens to be a vampire lord regent...this reminded me of the tv show True Blood (great first 2 seasons, can't say the same for the others and the finale- but that's another story) and the Vampire sheriff Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård ♥♥♥ And since this thought crossed my mind I pictured Alexander everytime I read Dev so I really, really enjoyed reading everything Dev did to Kate,  picturing Alexander doing it. I have to apologise to the author for this, Alexander doesn't really fit Dev's description but my hormones won't let me follow your description of Dev, sorry about that.

I haven't read vampires for a few months and was surprised with this story. It has the old saying about vamps: drink blood, have special habilities and stuff like that but also includes the author's own version of vampires: vamps are not made, they are born, vamps can walk in the sun, vamps can eat human food, vamps have their vamp-soul¿?-mate called Moira, female vamps are infertile...and so many things like this that made me like more this book. I know the author enjoyed writing this story almost as much as I enjoyed reading it ;)
It's also a long book which is really really nice because I got to spend more time with Dev.

This story has drama, love, sex, vampires, witches, dreamwalkers, suspense, surprises,  good vrs. evil vamps...a mix that can only make you enjoy it.
It also has a nice plot with great main characters and secondary characters well developed. 

My review in two words: Loved it!

P.S.: Kate origins...well played! Didn't see that one coming.

lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

Book haul for jan 12 - jan 18

Last year was a very productive in reading year for me. I read 150 books in 50 weeks. I read most of them in my Kindle paperwhite (I love it!) but I also read some paperbacks. Too bad the Kindle doesn't include the paper fragance...

During the last months of the year I decided to write reviews for the books I was going to read from than moment on and later came the idea of creating this blog. I also became more active in GoodReads groups and met some great webs like NetGalley when I can receive Advanced Reader Copies (ARC's) to, well, read the books a little sooner than everyone else.
My bad, I asked and received more books I could handle to read in a time frame. I'm still trying to finish those books. I don't have to but I feel like I have to read them. I mean, these authors trusted me with their work for free; the less I can do is find some time to read their books and review them.

So, one of my goals for the new year is organize my reading. I love to close my eyes and pick up a random book to read but I also have a sort of OCD. So, making a calendar for my reading doesn't sound like a crazy idea -to my ears at least.

For this week (Jan 12th - Jan 18th) I've chosen 3 books.
1. Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords, #1) 
“It’s best if we just keep this casual, Dev.”To feisty, relationship phobic Kate Martin’s utter surprise, she isn’t automatically dismissed as a crackpot when she finally plucks up courage to walk into a police station, revealing what she’s seen in her dreams. But instead of making a simple statement and returning to her nice, quiet life, she finds herself the center of attention from both a psychotic vampire and the ‘investigative specialist’ who would die in order to protect her.“You’re anything but casual, Kate. I want you and I always get what I want.”Young women are disappearing across the country and Devon, Regent Vampire Lord of the Midwest, knows his centuries old archenemy has finally resurfaced. A break in his fruitless search is provided by the discovery of a woman who can not only see the missing in her dreams, but who ends up being his Moira, his Destiny. And she couldn’t have stepped into his world at a more inopportune time, for she is now the prime target for his nemesis.Protecting her heart would prove to be her biggest challenge.Devon may be the sexiest, most sinfully erotic man she’s ever met, and he stirs passion in her like no one else before, but he’s an entanglement Kate does not want or need. While it becomes impossible to deny their mutual desire, once the case is solved and the missing women are found, Kate fully intends to return to her boring life, alone.At least that’s what she thinks.
I'm already reading this one ;)
Update 15/01/2015: finished last night.

2. Quédate (La chica de servicio 2.5)
This one came out a few weeks ago but I've decided I was going to wait for book #3 so I'll read both of them. That way I reduce the risk of finding a a cliffhanger and then losing my nails while waiting for the next book. This one is in Spanish.
Tras la marcha de Gisele, Matt trata de hacer frente a su problema y se somete al duro tratamiento de su enfermedad. No quiere negar lo evidente y sabe que lo único que lo mantiene lleno de esperanza es la promesa que ella le hizo antes de partir.
A pesar de la distancia que los separa, se siguen amando con la misma intensidad. Sin embargo, Gisele tomará una decisión justo antes de su vuelta que hará que la relación dé un giro inesperado que cambiará el rumbo de su historia de amor.
Descubre de la mano de Matt Campbell qué es lo que marcará un antes y un después en la trilogía «La chica de servicio».
Update 15/01/2015: finished last night.

3. Y ríndete (La chica de servicio 3)
I haven't even read the synopsis I'm putting here below. I just need this book to come out to finally know what happens to Matt and Gisele. This one is also in Spanish. Publication date is set for January 15!
Convencida de que es lo mejor para ambos, Gisele decide romper la promesa que le hizo a Matt y retrasa su regreso. La separación será dura para ella, sin embargo, lo será mucho más para él, ya que esperaba desesperadamente su vuelta para recibir su apoyo durante el proceso de su enfermedad.
Una vez en casa, Gisele se encuentra con un Matt muy diferente del que se desvivía por amarla. Su actitud es seca y distante, y no tiene intención de ponérselo fácil cuando ella decide recuperarlo. Se sintió decepcionado cuando lo abandonó y se niega a aceptarla de nuevo en su vida.
Sin embargo, la tensión sexual entre ambos no ha cambiado, y cuando la pasión estalla, logran acercar posturas. Dudas, resentimientos y un intenso amor los encadena... ¿Podrán olvidar el daño que se han hecho y disfrutar de la relación que siempre han anhelado?
Descubre el desenlace de la desgarradora historia de amor entre Matt Campbell  y Gisele Stone.  
Y ríndete

Reseña: Ella es tu destino de Megan Maxwell

Pues de Megan no me esperaba una historia así....pero fue una sorpresa buena, me encantó la historia.

Como todos los libros anteriores de Megan, esta historia me atrapó desde el principio. Se hace fácil meterte en la historia y sin darte cuenta de repente te sientes como la protagonista.

Para no variar, por suerte, hay risas -aunque sentí que menos de lo habitual-, hay drama, hay amor y toda una serie de emociones a las que Megan ya me tiene acostumbrada.

Lo que más me gustó del libro fue el carácter de Lidia jaja en mayor o menor medida siempre me siento identificada con las protagonistas de Megan. Compartimos un bueno en realidad bastante...el carácter aunque ya me gustaría hacer todo lo que estas mujeres hacen. Aunque, como dije antes, mientras leo, al sentirme la protagonista de alguna manera sí hago lo que estas mujeres hacen, por lo menos un ratito y en mi imaginación.

En este libro tenemos una dragona que habla, 3 historias de amor, enanos azules, llaves élficas y otro montón de cosas en ese mundo mágico.

Es una historia corta, me lo leí en una mañana de domingo. Es una lectura fácil y emocionante, por lo que se hace fácil leer las páginas y sin darte cuenta en poco tiempo estás leyendo el último capítulo. Hay personas a las que no les gustan las historias cortas, habemos otras que sí. En realidad, mientras esté bien escrito me da igual si es cuento, historia corta, novela, bilogía, trilogía o serie de 15 libros.

P.D.: quiero un Bruno y una Dracela.

sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

Review: A Soldier's Wish by Tammy Godfrey

**ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review!**

I really liked this story. It's about two soldiers: Jason, divorced from the daughter of Satan (that woman is really mean!) and has a daughter he loves, and Melody -a single woman, "damaged goods" (that's what she calls herself). They have very different ranks and have an intense encounter in one of their deployments. They never officially see each other for months although they kind of stalk a little each other in that time until they cross paths and start where they left.
They start a really nice relationship with mindblowing sex involved.
The story is about them building their relationship, trying to make it work while keeping it under the radar of the military hard protocol. They find support in some of the authorities and have to work hard to make the ones that don't support them mind their own business.
Sky, Jason's daughter, is the one playing cupid here. 

Now, if I liked it that much then why I don't give it 5 stars? Well, that's because I find some little spots that bug me. Like Sky is this 7-years-old-super-smart-girl going to a special school since she's so smart...but I didn't feel her like a 7 years old. I mean, I was 7 some years ago so I know what I'm talking about. I buy it without question if you tell me Sky is 5;  it just didn't feel right to me knowing that she's 7, I don't buy it.

Then is the time frame. 

**Spoiler alert**
I mean, the whole relationship building in just like 3 weeks, then she finding out she's 6 months pregnant. 6 months. I know there a women that don't show any sign of pregnancy until they're in labor but I don't know, I didn't like this. Maybe she being 4 months, I'd like it. But 6 almost 7 months uh-uh that's a no for me.
**end of spoiler**

And finally, this story needs an epilogue.  I can imagine what happend after the last chapter but as a reader I like a proper ending given by the author and not by my imagination.

martes, 6 de enero de 2015

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1)

One Saturday afternoon a few months ago I was zapping over and over (I was bored) and I stopped when I saw Pierce Brosnan in a wheelchair and a kid fighting with a woman that changed into a bat or something like that. Honestly, I kept watching because I had nothing else to do and I wanted to eat popcorn (and I eat popcorn just while watching a movie).
Eventually I figured out I was watching Percy Jackson...the movie seemed ok, not my type of movie but I liked the plot and I've read some nice reviews about Percy so that's how I decided I was going to read this series.

Now, first of all: what was that movie? It has little to do with the book, it's a pretty different story the one they tell in the movie than the one I read in the book. While reading I was like mmm nop, that didn't happen like that in the movie...mmm nop, they didn't say/do that in the movie...mmm nop, he doesn't do that in the movie, etc., etc, etc. And I ended up feeling bad because I gave those 2 hours to a movie full of lies and inaccuracies.

I really like the book though I felt it a little childish sometimes, but considering Percy is 12 years old in this book I guess it's supposed to be a little childish.

I've always loved greek mithology so reading this book was a really fun time. When Percy is asked about a god or something that happend to them I did the thinking at the same time, looking inside my head for the answers (I got most of them right, I'd forgot some stuff).

The one thing I really loved is the mix of reality and mithology. Like Olympus being in NY and the Underworld in LA.

This is a really good idea for a book, nicely excecuted. I hope the other books in the series are as good as this or even better.
I had so much fun reading this book. I'm looking forward to continue with the series.

Oh, and by the way, I read half this book in a 10 hour flight. It made the trip seem shorter :)

Oh, and by the way too, this is the first book I read in 2015 :)

P.D.: this review is also posted in GoodReads.

sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

I'm back!

Happy new year everyone!

How did it go for you? I had the most amazing 3 weeks all by myself in foreing countries, with a weather completely opposite to what I'm used to, countries that use a different language than the one I mostly use. It was fun. I loved it.
I used to walk miles and miles a day. OK, it wasn't that much but considering I'd done no exercise the whole year, walking no less than 8 miles everyday for 3 weeks looks like a big deal -ask my feet, they're still swollen :(
And because of this quantity of exercise plus the jetlag (7 hours difference between these countries and mine) every night at the end of the walking I just used to have dinner, take a shower and go to bed.
I had my Kindle Paperwhite with me the whole trip but I didn't have the time or the strength to read :(

That means I stopped reading on  December 13th...and yes, I had some sort of withdrawal with that reading pause. 2014 is the year I've read the most in my life. I read some pages everyday and suddenly stopping like that wasn't the best idea I've had.

Yesterday I came back home. I took this 10 hour flight and that was my cue to start reading again =) So I'm putting myself back on track right now.

I've decided to do the reading challenge again in GoodReads -a platform I adore.
Last year I read 150 books, I was done the first week of december so I'm upping my game this year to 170 for the 2015 reading challenge.

And GoodRead says I'm behind schedule already...I'm going to fix that soon, like now. Bye!