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Review: A Soldier's Wish by Tammy Godfrey

**ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review!**

I really liked this story. It's about two soldiers: Jason, divorced from the daughter of Satan (that woman is really mean!) and has a daughter he loves, and Melody -a single woman, "damaged goods" (that's what she calls herself). They have very different ranks and have an intense encounter in one of their deployments. They never officially see each other for months although they kind of stalk a little each other in that time until they cross paths and start where they left.
They start a really nice relationship with mindblowing sex involved.
The story is about them building their relationship, trying to make it work while keeping it under the radar of the military hard protocol. They find support in some of the authorities and have to work hard to make the ones that don't support them mind their own business.
Sky, Jason's daughter, is the one playing cupid here. 

Now, if I liked it that much then why I don't give it 5 stars? Well, that's because I find some little spots that bug me. Like Sky is this 7-years-old-super-smart-girl going to a special school since she's so smart...but I didn't feel her like a 7 years old. I mean, I was 7 some years ago so I know what I'm talking about. I buy it without question if you tell me Sky is 5;  it just didn't feel right to me knowing that she's 7, I don't buy it.

Then is the time frame. 

**Spoiler alert**
I mean, the whole relationship building in just like 3 weeks, then she finding out she's 6 months pregnant. 6 months. I know there a women that don't show any sign of pregnancy until they're in labor but I don't know, I didn't like this. Maybe she being 4 months, I'd like it. But 6 almost 7 months uh-uh that's a no for me.
**end of spoiler**

And finally, this story needs an epilogue.  I can imagine what happend after the last chapter but as a reader I like a proper ending given by the author and not by my imagination.

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