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Review: Belonging (Regent Vampire Lords #2) by K.L. Kreig

** Got an ARC from the author and this is an honest review  **

Surrendering set my expectations really high for this story....and Belonging absolutely fulfilled them.

The story is a continuation of the previous book. That means Dev and Kate are away for a few weeks and Damian is helping him with his regent. Plus Xavier's still in the loose and everyone is thinking really hard for a way of capturing him and stop his madness. And they're also trying to find Xavier's children before he does.

In this book we get to know more of Damian, another of the Lords, an alpha male vampire with a little bit of kink on him (I wish there'd been more, though). Do I have to say more? I'm already in love with him.

We also get to know Analise, a woman that's had a pretty rough life and that is looking for her missing friend, Beth. She heard that Dev might help her find Beth so this woman decides to try and get Dev to help her. So, she starts working on Dragonfly and she meets Damian. And the rest is what's told in the book so you have to read it ;)

Like the previous book, this one has drama, trust,  love, really hot steaming sex, vampires, more witches, more dreamwalkers, suspense, surprises,  good vrs. evil vamps...a mix that can only make you enjoy it.
It also has a nice plot with another set of main characters.

Actually, I think I liked Damian more than Dev and that's huge since I really, really, really loved Dev.

P.D.: what happend to Giselle while kept prisioner at the end of book 1? I missed her bitchiness in Belonging, she's not her real self. I didn't like to see her so out of her normal, so vulnerable. Poor thing. She's not a saint but I don't like what she's going through.

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