sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Review: Beholden by Corinne Michaels

After the mini heart attack I had at the end of Beloved with that cliffhanger I started reading this one right away. Thank God and Corinne and time I didn't have to wait for Beholden to be published. 

This is Corinne's second book I read and I really like her writing. She puts so much emotion in the words, the characters have strong personalities and stick to them. It makes reading her work very pleasurable.

This book is a perfect continuance of the story. It starts explaining what happened after the cliffhanger and goes on telling how this two scared souls (Jackson and Catherine) try to make their relationship work.

Everyone has a past. Catherine's been open about it but Jackson hasn't. At some point the past catches the present and we get to see this two struggle (yes, even more).
Jackson's past is out in the open and my heart just broke. I almost hugged my kindle in order to give Jackson some confort....

I highly recommend it.

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