sábado, 14 de marzo de 2015

Review: Beloved by Corinne Michaels

Jackson Cole is officialy my new book-boyfriend...until I meet a new guy ;)

This book was free for a few days in Amazon.com so I took it and read it almost right away.

I loved Corinne's writing. The story is so fluent that I lost myself in time while reading it.

Catherine is sassy, sexy, hardworker, successful woman....that was engaged and found her beloved fiancé screwing her "friend" in the couch of his house the day she was going to show him the invitations for the wedding.

She works as a PR and got herself a new account to work on, a makeup company. And that's where she meets this sexy, hot, well packed and trained former soldier that happens to be the owner of the company and the guy she has to work for.

I enjoyed this book so much. There's steamy sex, romance, friendship and many more subjects I like much.

Heads up: there's a HUGE cliffhanger in the end. So be sure to have Beholden at hand when you finish reading this. Otherwise you will suffer very much.

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