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Review: Kiss Me in Silicon Valley (Princesses of Silicon Valley #2) by Anita Claire

** Received a free copy from the author in exchange of an honest review **

Truth be told, my first thought when I started this book was what was the name of this book again? I can see anything past that hot body on the cover *drooling* (who's the model? I feel like stalking him...).

This is book #2 of the Princesses of Silicon Valley and is a continuation of book #1 (same characters and same storyline). 

As I said previously, I relate with Juliette since my job is her job too...I don't work at Silicon Valley though. But every geek conversation with her dad and friends makes me feel good since I have that kind of conversations myself every single day. 
I laughed a lot with a paragraph where she says that after a lot of hours analyzing a code she wanted to stab her eyes and that whomever did the code wrote like 500 lines and she'd have needed just 5 lines to do the same. A week before I read that, I said something similar to my friends. So, yes, I enjoy the geek part of this series.

Back on the storyline, Juliette still has to choose from two hot guys that are pursuing her since book one. I thought I was team Zach but I'm having doubts and might need just a little push to change to team Nate.

Like book#1, it's a nice story, fun and easy read. It's written in a way where you are easily drown on the story and you feel the end comes too soon. Heads up: cliffhanger here.

PS: I didn't like Gray at all...

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