sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Review: The Prince by Kiera Cass

This is another tiny tiny book, just about 64 pages and is actually a prequel of The Selection but I rather read it after the trilogy.

This novella is about Maxon pre-selection. And is about Maxon and other girl, not America Singer, other girl like in a princess-kind-of-other-girl. There's also the transition from pre-selection to 35 girls living under the same roof with him and there's also his side of the story from when he met America for the fist time (which made me love him more btw).

This is Maxon telling the story. I love POVs (like I've mentioned before) and I love Maxon. So, I loved this book.

When I first read it was about another girl I thought this was going to be dangerous, heartbreaking and all drama...but there's nothing of that in this book. Yes, is a little sad (for the other girl anyway) but it's all good, all clear. It's safe to read =)

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