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Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Maxon, I love you.

Aspen, I hate you.
America, sometimes I want to smack some sense into you.

After that emotional intro, I have to say I decided to read this book when I saw the cover. I mean, look at it. It's gorgeous! The dress is beautiful, the colors get to you, it's easy to see its a young adult book (at least for me was easy to get that).

Lately I seem to enjoy more reading young adult. I have this thing that makes me like a genre for some months and then change my favorite genre to read...I had my time with erotica, then I moved to classics and I'm now with YA books. 

Honestly, I felt this was a weird mix of Big Brother, Divergent,  the hunger games and the bachelor. Somehow, it worked for me. I really enjoyed reading this.

Theres the monarchy and there are factions districts castes. When the prince gets to certain age, they have "the selection" which is basically every girl in every caste between some ages can have a chance to compete and finally get the price I mean, the prince. And here is where Big Brother and the Hunger Games come in...they pick 35 girls from all the applicants and take them to the palace to live with the king, queen and prince. They have a tv show with a man that's been hostening it for years. And prince Maxon has to to do some eliminations based on his likes and tates.
In case you're wondering why I say it's like the hunger games here well, they get 35 girls in the same floor of the same building trying to conquer the prince so they become his wife, that means a princess and eventually a queen. Need I say more?

The main character of this book is America Singer, caste 5. She has this hidden relationship with a boy caste 6 which means that's almost a sin for them to be together. This guy, named Aspen, is so full of pride being poor and everything, doesn't like America to help him with anything. So, he feels he's near to nothing and makes her go to the selection, even when she's doesn't want to, even when she wants to marry him and not the prince. And when she gets selected, she breaks up with her.
So, when she's in the selection mourning her relationship, she's anything but nice to the prince. She's the only one of the selected that does not kiss every brick Maxon steps in. And that what he likes about her...

I don't think this is a spoiler but anyway *spoiler alert*
At the end of this book just 6 girls remain. When the big group becomes this small they call them "The elites". And since book 2 is called "The elite" well, you can guess that book cointains the cointinuation of this book.

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