miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

Thoughts after 6 months of blogging...

Well, next weeks is the 6 month anniversary of this blog.
Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it taking my time to write my thoughts about books in here and I never get to a definitely yes or no.
I also wonder if anybody reads me...sometimes I wish they didn't haha

Some thoughts I'm having right now:

  1. I feel is important to give my opinion of the books I read. For the authors, writing is their job. I'm sure they enjoy it and I'm sure they, like any other worker, need feedback so they can improve when they're doing something wrong and keep doing whatever they're doing right. Everybody likes to hear that people appreciate their work. Not many people likes to hear when they going the wrong way but in the end everybody understands (sooner or later) the help they received with that feedback.
  2. I know not all the authors read the reviews people give. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I say it's right and wrong. Some reviewers can be mean (like REALLY mean) and for a new author those mean reviews can create doubts about their talent to write. In the other hand, civilized reviews can show the author lots and lots of love and that can translate in inspiration for more stories to put in books.
  3. I'm one of those rare specimens that still buys books. So, if I'm paying for something I have every right in this world to give my honest -and respectful- opinion. 
  4. It doesn't really matter if my post are read by a thousand people or just 1 person. I enjoy writing my opinion and this blog is kind of a diary to me.
  5. When I do a review I try to express what I felt while reading the book. I rarely give spoilers and almost never use the synopsis as part of the review. 
  6. I write the reviews thinking in the author and other people. I try to give the author hints of when they did great (and when they didn't) and I also try to I don't know ¿convince? other people to read the book. Mmm no, convince is not the word..."persuade" them maybe. 
Am I doing good or not with this blog? I don't know. But so far I've loved it =)

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