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Review: The promises we keep by R.C. Martin

** Thanks to R.C. Martin and Love Between the Sheets for the ARC **

I loved this book from the second I realized that the story was being narrated by 4 different characters. I so love POV's. Although that little fact I just said is not like each one is telling the same scene from their point of view; they do their telling from their side of the story and next POV gets to tell the next part of the tale. Loved that!

Personal fact here: I'm a catholic because I was baptized when I was little. But I don't do church. I do believe in a big great powerful source but I don't feel comfortable in any religion I know. So...that being said...
I was a little shocked when I realized Addie and Avery (twins), Beckham and Grayson (friends) were so into God (like going every week to church, really living considering religion as part of their lives). For a minute few pages I wasn't sure I wanted to keep reading it. But the story was so good, I just couldn't just leave it unfinished even when is so based in religion (which is not a bad thing, just not my thing like I said).

Now, this book is about a group of young friends that live in the same building and two of them have been a couple for five years. Avery's so ready to get married to him and Beckham's so not ready at all to be a husband. And it's not fear of commitment, is just not his time to make the commitment. So he comes with this good but hard complex idea that leaves both of them confused, brokenhearted and with hopes to make right what's wrong and have the healthy relationship they deserve.

It's a very emotional book. You fall easy into the story and the writing is so nice, you can feel what the characters are feeling. I cried sooooo bad in chapter 5...I cried in chapter 6 to and the some pages after. By the end of the book I did spare some tears too. 

We get to see Beckham's road to figuring out what's not so right with him. We get to see Addie with a broken heart but also with love and hope for the future. Beck also has a hard time. Well, their friends have a hard time. 
We also get to see the birth and growth of another sick sweet couple with their own issues to fix. 

Three more characters jump in the middle of the story. Daphne I love, but I didn't like Roman nor Logan from the paragraph they first appeared. They were somehow necessary for the story but that doesn't make me like them.

By chapter 31 -it's a long book, 486 pages in paperback, but very enjoyable - I was dying to know what was going to happen with Beck and Addie.

I loved how every piece of the puzzle came into place in the end. At some point, I wasn't sure anymore what I wanted for Beck and Addie. For a few pages I wanted them to go their separate ways. Then I would change my mind and wish they stayed together. And then again I wanted them apart. I kept going like that for some chapters actually.

But the ending of the story was perfect. There's no other way to say it.

Oh! and we have the 4 narrators till the very end. There are 4 epilogues =) it's just one actually but each character has their say.

This is one of those books I'd buy, recommend, re read more than once and give as a gift.

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