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Review: Consequences by Aleatha Romig

/*** Thanks to Aleatha and InkSlinger PR for the free copy  ***/

Oh my freaking God! This story was wrong in so so so so so so soooooo many levels I can't even start explaining.

There's no prince charming or happy ending. There's a lot of violence and lots and lots of control. 

Maybe I have big issues or maybe I needed to read something different for once because I loved this book! Loved it so much I didn't care to finish reading it at 3am on a weekday with a meeting at the office at 8am. 

The two words that come to my mind when I think about what I read are "dark" and "wrong". 

This story blew my mind. I'm still in shock, trying to understand what I just read. 
Aleatha is either a genius or a really sick person (I haven't decided on this one yet).

Anthony Rawlings is this forty-something billionaire, entrepreneur, successful guy that one day goes to a bar, flirts with the bartender and then abducts her thanks to some napkin they both signed that happens to be a contract between them. In a few words, he pays all her debts and she just has to be available for him whenever and for whatever he pleases.

This guy uses and abuses her. A lot. She's a captive now with no connection to the world. He controls what she does, feels, says and even wears. He has lots and lots of control issues. He shows her that every action has its consequences, some are good, some are real bad. He's a real bastard. 

I have nothing more to do than stand up and give Aleatha a big applause for this book. It kept me up all night long, dying to know what was coming next (the suspense is sooo good). The twist and turns came so suddenly and out of the blue that I felt as lost as Claire. And the book is sooo long! It has a lot of pages (500+) which I've mentioned before it's something I adore!

I can't wait to read the rest of the books on this series. 

P.D.: I think I need therapy after this one...

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