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:: Review :: Dissipate by Kristin Mayer

/*** Thanks to Kristin Mayer and Inskslinger PR for the ARC  ***/

This book was a pleasant surprise for me because it involves something I had never read before. 

The story starts with Sarah burying her mother and remembering the last moments with her. Basically, her last words were used to tell Sara that everything she knows is a lie. Even she is a lie...her name is not Sarah but Kenzie Brooks.

Sarah Kenzie and her mom lived at The Society, a cult/sect that lives deep in the woods, away from everything and everyone. They have a leader they call "the keeper" and they believe in "the light". The keeper keeps everyone in place in place, the place he wants, and has cut all contact with the doomed people (that means, the rest of the world).
The society lives under very strict rules and school stops at certain age but her mom continued homeschooling her under the radar. 

Kenzie follows her mom's instructions and finds a letter she wrote where she tells Kenzie to run away, save herself, get into the world where she belongs.

Kenzie's 19 and she's alone in the world and has to decide if she wants to get away from the sect. 
The development of this character was amazing. She might seem shy but every page she proves she's a strong girl. She's able to put away her fears, which are lots and big ones, and she does what she knows is right for her. 
Everything her mom taught her makes sense as time pass.
Her journey of finding herself is what I loved the most about this book and I'm glad she crossed paths with Brooklyn and her brother, Aiden.

The suspense during all the book was awesome. I didn't want to put the book down.

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