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Review : Reawakening (Regent Vampire Lords #3) by K.L. Kreig

/***   Thanks to the author for the ARC***/

This series gets better and better with each Lord! I loved Dev and thought the stakes were high and then Damian came and passed them by far and now Rom...I don't know anymore which one I love more.

Rom was this serious, mysterious, powerful vampire in the previous book I was so eager to read his story.

And I love the fact this book is huge (400+ pages) so there's a lot to read. I also love K.L. Kreig writing. She's an amazing storyteller. I can't believe she has a paying job during the day and also has time to write this amazing stories.

Sarah is one of the recovering saved women; she's intelligent and strong and adopted and a dreamwalker just like her sisters. She's the perfect match for Romaric, the vampire that's not just powerful but strong, dominant, commanding and *surprise* romantic. 

Rom knows instantly that she's his Moira but can't believe his fate. He decides to visit his father, the same one he hasn't seen in centuries, and find if there's no mistake in having two Moiras. Although he knows better, he can't believe it so he basically puts him and Sarah in danger. Well, in more danger I have to say because Xavier is still on the loose. 

Everyone has a past and Rom is no different. He has suffered a lot and his character is the result of that, is his way of protecting himself. He tells his story, his past, in his own time. 

The chemestry between Rom and Sarah is amazing, almost palpable. The steamy sex and the dirty talking is to die for. 
Sarah's banters with Rom are the cherry on top. That's the way to treat commanding vamps, girl!

I loved it. 

Is there going to be a book about Geoffrey? and a book about Giselle? I really hope so. If I hat to choose just one I'd go with knowing more about Giselle. All that bitchiness has to have a reason.

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