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:: Review :: Grey (Fifty Shades #4) by E.L. James

I missed you, Mr. Grey. I didn't know how much till last week.

Reading this book was a very funny journey for me. This is Christian POV of the Fifty Shades of Grey, and a couple of chapters from the next book. It's nothing new, I already know what happens, how it happens and why and yet I was sooo focused on reading this, I was drawn to this book like if I was reading the story for the first time.

I waited for this little precious to show up on my kindle and then I read until 3:30am...yes, on a weekday. My eyes hurt like hell that day but I wanted to know Christian's thoughts.

Another fun fact is that day that I had just 3 hours of sleep I had some work to do that made me concentrate more than normal. And I found myself biting my lower lip. Grey kept coming to my mind and I ended up laughing at my own joke. More than once that day.

I've mentioned before that I read both in Spanish and English (this been my second language) and that I prefer to read books in their original language. So much is lost in translation. I read the trilogy in Spanish, as it was gifted to me that way. And with Grey I proved once more that so much is lost in translation. Little things like Charlie Tango being a "she" in English. I've spent the last two years thinking Charlie Tango is a "he". If little thing like this bug me, imagine how bigger things makes me feel. I'll do a re-read of the trilogy some day and I'll do it in English. 

I knew from the trilogy that Christian was a very complex character and I was amazed to find out that he's more complex than what I thought. 
Sometimes I felt like if Christian was some sort of bipolar person or had multiple personalities. The controlled man I came to love is actually controlled in the outside but a mess in the inside (I already knew it, it's just clearer in this book). Wanting something, needing other thing but feeling like he doesn't deserve it, like he's not good enough, thinking so negatively of himself...yeah, the fifty shades make perfect sense.

And the sex scenes, well they're as great as Ana told them enhanced a hundred times. 

I loved it. Every word. Every page.

PS: Please tell me there will be Grey 2 and possible Grey 3. Please! There are so many scenes I'd like to read from Christian's POV. Like with the pregnancy, the catfight (Elena/Grace), Charlie Tango coming down. I need to know!
Pretty please! (Yes, I know, I'm greedy. So what?)

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