martes, 30 de junio de 2015

:: Review :: Step F*@k (Book One) by Scarlett Ward

Emma had a boyfriend that had been cheating on her for the last 8 months so they broke up. That was 6 months ago and she's not giving any signs of moving on. A little depression here, some not going out get the picture.

So, one night, her best friend and roommate Megan, decides it's time for her to start to move on and signs Emma to an online dating site. Sexystranger shows some interest in her profile, they start chatting and decide to see each other. 

Time for Emma to get some action.

Sexystranger is in L.A. just for a few days. His dad is going to get married in two weeks. He'll be going back home, to London, soon. So a wild date is a nice distraction for him.

This is a novella, which means is a very short book. Believe me on the short. I'm not fan of novellas because everything seems rush to me. There's a lot to say and just a few pages to say it. But this one was nice though. It's basically 2-3 scenes on it but they're nicely written. So I could enjoy it. I was surprised by it. 

/* Thanks to Scarrlett Ward and TRSOR Promotions for the ARC*/

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