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:: Review :: Throb (Life on Stage #1) by Vi Keeland

*Insert sexy voice here* Well, hello gorgeous *wink* (I'm talking to the cover model here)

I'd never read Vi Keeland before and I'm so happy I found her.

In this book appear two brothers, Cooper (the nice one) and Miles (the mean one). They don't share the mother and their father died a few years ago. Miles being the youngest has always felt Cooper took everything from him so they don't have a good relationship. 

Their father had a very successful production company and when he died the two brothers decided to split. Cooper stayed in line with his father and maintains the success; Miles went to reality show and has had failure after failure. 
He comes with this idea of a reality show, a mix of Survirvor+the bachelor where 20 women have to fight for the rock star single guy. Duh, I don't like him (which is good since it accomplishes his character goal).

The story is told by both Cooper Montgomery and Kate Monroe. 

Kate is one of the contestants in Throb (the reality show). She has a contract that includes confidentiality and is in the show just for the prize. She is in real need of the prize...the monetary one, not the bachelor. She's the girl next door, nothing exuberant, all sincere and natural.
But one night she meets Cooper and her focus changes. 

Cooper is a sexy, controlling and bossy man. He gets what he wants, in his terms, and exudes confidences. Cooper wants Kate and won't let little bumps like contracts or reality tv stand in his way.

Flynn, the bachelor, is not so bad himself. He has the chance to date 20 women, choose from them the one he likes the most. He's not very much in the book but the scenes he heavy on the story. He's the compass that decides where to go next. 

So, in a few words, Kate has to decide if she pursues Flynn and the money to help her family or if she goes after some happiness with Cooper.

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