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:: Review :: Fighting Shadows (On the Ropes #2) by Aly Martinez

This is my first Aly Martinez read and I'm impressed. I'll be reading more of her books in the future.

This book is a part of stand-alone series (I don't know if that definition exists but that's what I use). This is book #2 but you don't need to read book #1 to get this story. But if you have OCD like me and haven't read book 1 I suggest you do it before reading Fighting Shadows. 

I haven't read book 1 so this book spoiled it pretty much for me. I know how that book ends but I'll have to read it to know how that happened. 

Now, let's talk about Flint. He's a 19 year old ex-boxer that took a bullet to his back and know is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. This new reality has made him bitter and cranky.

In the other hand there's Ash, a teenager with the body of a woman. Nobody believes her age. Has a very crappy father that makes her pickpocket for him and doesn't really care if she gets hurt in the process.

Flint is not bitter and cranky just for the paralysis. He's also like that because he's in love with some one he can't have. He's pushing away the people that love him and care about him. He lives with his brothers and sister-in-law till the day he decides he's had enough and leaves. Promises to keep in touch but goes radio silence. 

His brothers and friend give him the space he says he needs but one day they decide is time to reconnect so they look for him until they find him. Around the same time their mother, the same one that hasn't give a damn about them for years, shows up and takes Quarry, the youngest brother, with her. And oh fate here it comes, Ash is the daughter of the man that married Flints' mother. Ash and Quarry become friends. One thing leads to the other and Flint and Ash meet. 

Flint is mean with everyone but Ash acts like she's not impress with his behavior. He treats him like a normal person, no pity in her eyes. It didn't make a difference if he was walking or in a wheelchair, he's just a guy to her.
She even calls him Wheels. Not to bother him or make fun of him, just to give him a nickname. It might seem rude but I saw it cute. He was all bulldog with her, she was all sugar with him. That's when the sparks happen. She made him feel again.

There's a lot of drama around the middle of the book. But I liked how all the turns and this story has.

I loved this book from the synopsis. I'm not fan of the cover though. Too much muscle for me. I always go with the "don't judge a book by its cover" so that wasn't an issue. 

I'm already waiting for book #3, Quarry's story :)

/*Thanks to TRSOR Promotions and Aly Martinez for the ARC*/

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