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:: Review :: Priest by Sierra Simone

Oh God! How do I start with this review?
I freaking loooooved this book!

This book falls into the "taboo / forbidden / don't read if you don't want to go to hell" line. It's about a priest (dah! obviously) and there's a lot of sex involved. So if you don't feel comfortable with a work of fiction talking about a priest crossing the line of celibacy then don't bother reading it, you'll just hate it.

For those of us that love fiction with this kind of forbidden topic that this is a must-read-ASAP.

Father Tyler Bell is this hot guy that goes running shirtless around his town. He's the perfect priest for his church. He became a priest for his own reasons, meaning religion wasn't entirely what caught him. He's very good at what he does; he helps everyone he can and everyone loves him.

His perfect bubble world starts to shake when Poppy shows up one day to confess. She's not into religion, any religion; but she knows she needs to find something that helps her get some things off her chest. So she gives religion a try...and also tries Father Bell.

This two are drawn to each other from the very first paragraph they interact. They try to fight it, hard, but it's almost impossible to avoid it.

There are a lot of hot, steamy, erotic, sex scenes. Don't be shocked.

Bottom line: I want to be Father Bell's little lamb ♥

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