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:: Review :: Forever with Him (Davison & Allegra #3) by Sofia Tate

*** You can skip this part since it's not a review per se**

I was supposed to read this book like a month ago. I got an arc through netgalley weeks before it hit the stores. But those days were very busy at work so "I didn't" feel like reading at night. Then there was this trip I had planned since January; I had to make some late minute arrangements and got home tired so I didn't read. Then I went out of the country and I was so tired from all the walking and lack of oxygen that every night I got to the hotels and didn't read a page even when I had my e-reader with me all the time.
Then I came back home with a very bad cold and with all the meds I was taking, reading was not even considered.

Honestly, all that were excuses I created and believed. Truth is I didn't want to read this book. I wanted to know how the story ends but didn't want the story to end. 

I even did a re-read of book 1 and 2 this weekend when I finally felt better to give some time.

*** Here comes the review ***

I fell in love with Davison on chapter 1 of Breathless for him (book 1) last year. I re-read it and those feelings haven't changed a bit. 

I love this two. I love Davison more, obviously, but I love Allegra too. They make a very nice couple: gazillionaire, gentleman and good man with an humble, down-to-earth, opera singer with a hard past. They complement each other perfectly. She makes him happy, he makes her more confident with each passing day and makes her happy too.

I cried with this book. Maybe because I read the 3 books in a row I was more sensitive than normal. Or maybe, and I go with this option, this book touched me deeper than the previous books. Mona's (Davison's mom) letter to Allegra was the first thing to make me cry. Then the whole thing with the Met and the voice, and the perfect future not happening anymore (sorry, can't say much without spoilers). This part broke my heart. It was so sad. Sooooo sad. And because of this part of the book, I fell in love more with Davison. Didn't think that was possible but yes, it happened. 

This book is a roller coaster of emotions. Book 1 and 2 built the road to a happily ever after but then comes book 3 and everything is perfect until it isn't anymore. Allegra's reaction to the new reality broke my heart. I just wanted to pull Davison out of the book and give him a hug when he was so lost as Allegra. She needed that hug even more but I prefer to give my love to the man (sorry...not sorry).

I loved how the story ended. All the ups and downs and unexpected turns led to that and I loved it. It was a great ending for the story. 

This was a quick read but I made it last as long as I could. It's hard and sad to say goodbye. 

And then there's the epilogue. My ovaries just melted there! Loved the tiny characters. Thanks Sofia for my scene. I loved it!!! 

** Thanks to netgalley, the publisher and Sofia Tate for the arc **

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