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:: Review :: Translucent (Luminous #1) by Erin Noelle

The first thing that got my attention about this book was its cover. It's beautiful!
Then I read the synopsis and decided this was a keeper. I had to read it, so I did.

Heads up: book 2 is coming out soon. If you don't like to wait between books just wait a few more days for Transparent to be out (expected publication: October 2015) before you start to read Translucent.

You won't find a fairy tale here. Mafia and murder and torture have their own scenes in this book. So, if violence and dark is not your thing then maybe you won't enjoy this.

I don't enjoy the violence and the dark read but I did enjoy reading this book. 

(No spoiler here; it's the synopsis in my own words) There's Bryleigh that later becomes Blake Martin; a girl married to young to the perfect boy...until she found out he was a murderer and mafia guy. She was so deep she didn't have much chances to get out of there alive until she took an AK-47, became a murderer herself and changed city and name in order to start over.

In between all the wrongs there's romance.

This book was not was I was expecting when I first started it. It was so much more. 
The story walks right by the line of "it seems like it's a lot to handle but I can read a little bit more". It felt weird to enjoy a story like this, but I did, a lot.

I think Madden Decker saved this book for me. Blake was this troubled woman with a really bad past and Madden is this alpha, caring, CEO of a firm ( that I still don't understand what's their business, not that it really matters) that has way more patience than a normal person.

Blake has big trust issues. Can't expect anything different looking at her past. But Madden has a way of making her want to trust him.

I loved the couple. It's like a ying-yang. Blake is the black part of the icon and Madden is the white part. They complement each other perfectly. He thins the story when it's so dense. That's what I love about him.

Kind of spoiler alert: the past catches up. That's why I really NEED Transparent to be out NOW!

Thanks to InkSlinger PR and Erin Noelle for the review copy I got

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