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:: Review :: Undeniably Asher (The Colloway Brothers #2) by K.L. Kreig

K.L. Kreig is one of my favorites discoveries of all times. 

I met her through some pretty awesome vampires she created not so long ago. Then she switched genres to something more natural (contemporary romance) and I'm loving each word.

Undeniably Asher is book #2 on the Colloway Brothers series. It can be considered as a stand-alone but if you you haven't read Forsaking Grey you might feel like there's a little hole in the plot. Let me correct myself: you won't feel the hole in the plot but some emotional scenes won't make much sense or maybe won't be as emotional as they should because you don't have the emotional background Livia created in book #1. 
If you have OCD like me then you can add the fact that book #1 must be read before book #2. Just saying...

Asher and Alyse are no strangers for me. They were introduced in the previous book. They were there but it wasn't their book so there's no much story there. Just enough to connect the two books.

Undeniably Asher is the story of an 8 year no-relationship relationship. The main characters happen to be brother and sister of the main characters of Forsaking Grey. Alyse is Livia's sister and Asher is Gray's brother. 
Alyse was jailbait, Asher was like 22 and they felt a huge attraction. One day they almost acted on in. Then there was hell on earth and each one went their way. 

Now that Livia's getting married, everyone is getting in touch again. Asher and Alyse realize they've been like in-love with each other this whole time. They have lived but a lot has happened to them. A lot of hearthache, betrayal, hutt, etc. made them built huge and thick walls around their hearts. They try their very best to protect their heart. 

Asher is having some troubles at work and needs an auditor which happens to be what Alyse does for a living. He hires her and also tries to sleep with her but he's going to work hard for the latter. 

Alyse is a pretty normal girl. She has her own little company and she's nothing like a tyrant boss. She's very down to earth, likeable, determined and strong but hurt (physically and mentally) woman.
Asher is just as hot as his brother Gray, owns Grasco holdings with his siblings, has trust issues thanks to his previous serious girlfriend and has a little thing for exhibitionism.

This is the kind of contemporary romance I love. After a few chapters I felt the heartache Alyse felt. I might, or might not, have cried a few tears. There are some pretty emotional chapters. Like in "why does she have to suffer this much?" emotional chapters. Like in "why do they have to be so emotional unavailable?" emotional chapters. Like in "why do I keep suffering and crying over some fictional characters?" emotional chapters. 

It has some twist I wasn't expecting so when they happened they felt like a slap in the face. I had to re read some paragraphs because I couldn't believe what I was reading. I had to re read to make sure I was understanding what was happening.

It's a story with lots of words so it's very well described. All the anticipation, all the suffering, all the emotions are written so so well. I just love how this woman writes and develops the story. 

Can't wait for the next brother!!

** I got an ARC and regardless of what amazon thinks this is an honest review**

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